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Music Room Progress - 19th February 2018


We are pleased to report that work is now underway to convert the unused east wing of our house into a spacious music room. The redundant upstairs bedrooms have been amalgamated into one large space, and the whole area is now being sandblasted to clean up the walls and rotten bits in the beams. Once the ceiling is sorted out we'll remove about three-quarters of the upstairs floor to create an open space and leave a mezzanine area which will be linked by a connecting staircase. At the moment there`s chaos here with a fine film of dust everywhere, but it will all be worth it. Hope to update with more news soon.

EVM Update - June 2018

The Eden Valley Art Trail which we took part in has recently finished. What an enjoyable time we had being open to the public from 10-5 over two weekends.  We had more than 40 visitors in total plus 2 dogs and an inquisitive swallow, and our Baroque Juke Box went down really well, where people could choose pieces from a fairly extensive list that they wanted to hear us play. It was great to see our music room which is still 'work in progress', transformed by instruments and display boards, and wonderful to listen to Bach, Vivaldi, and Handel to name just a few, on our CD system. It all involved a lot of preparatory work making the displays as varied as possible, and we were very grateful to Jilly Jarman for allowing us to have another one at her Bluejam Space in Penrith. All good publicity, and we had so many lovely, positive, supportive comments, with some good contacts made which all bodes well for the future. Here are the latest photos, which show the downstairs area while the tanking was going on, and the transformation afterwards. Also a shot of the upstairs beams and window slits. Can't wait for the space to be opened up!

EVM Update - October 2018

Welcome to Molly who came to live with us in August!


Music room progress. Most of the floor has now been removed leaving just the mezzanine level. All the plastering has been done so we now wait for the rest of the floor to go down.


We've also taken off all the outside render from the music room revealing the lovely Lazonby sandstone. Just leaves all the pointing to do!


EVM Update - November 2018


Our first rehearsal in the music room in preparation for our concert on November 10th in Kirkby Stephen with the Herdwyck Consort. Just managed to get some flooring down and the staircase in before everyone came.  Hopefully the radiators will go in this week. We are inching forwards!

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