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"Thank you so much for everything you have done with Beau and his piano. You have clearly made a lasting impression on him and his ability has really flourished through your teaching.


"Thank you for a lovely year. This year Leenya's learning experience has completely changed. Most important thing is that she has learnt to love it. So, thank you for that."


"Thank you for all you've done in inspiring Ellie to keep going with piano. Always gently, patient and motivating. Many thanks for all your patience over the last few years."


"Thank you for being the best paino teacher I've ever had."


"Thank you so much for your unending patience and wonderful teaching."


"I have really, really appreciated the way you have reawakened my musical senses and spirit in the last few years and given me an enduring love of the harpsichord. However much music I do, playing it will always be my greatest pleasure.


"Thank you for being such a lovely teacher this year!"


"Thanks so much for getting Sophia started on the violin. That's no easy task with a child that never stops talking and asking questions!"


"Thank you sooo much for teaching me; you undoubtedly are the best violin teacher in the world!"

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