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"Thank you so much for organising such a wonderful day yesterday. I enjoyed it so much and, as always, learned a lot. Please ask Katharine to come again next year!"


"Thank you Katharine for all your wisdom and support. I really hope that your move goes ok and that you'll be able to tutor us next year. It makes such a difference and I can`t think of anyone who could do it better."


"It would be really nice to have Michael again. I felt he hit a very appropriate level and I liked the way he concentrated on phrasing with ideas on bowing where it was really helpful but without too much fuss about it."


"Michael is very musical, well prepared and sympathetic. I`d be happy to work with him."


"Michael was an ideal choice for musical director for this workshop with his extensive performance experience both of singing and playing baroque violin. He was kindly encouraging and knowledgeable and managed, I felt, to get the most from the assembled forces."


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